What People are Saying:

Team Building


5 Stars

D3 Has assembled an amazing team of prayer warriors guided by Holy Spirit to come and speak into businesses in Cincinnati in a NEW WAY. It actually reminds me a lot of what Jesus would do if He were here.
These divine appointments have touched not only me but my entire leadership team. Our business is being transformed before my very eyes into the company God is sculpting us to be. This is in part as a result of these divine prayer encounters from D3.
Thank you and the amazing prayer warriors for stepping up and filling the gap for something that is desperately needed in our city: Jesus in the hearts of the folks running our businesses.
I cannot wait to see how God will continue to use D3 and RA Consultants in the future as we transform into the business God created us to be.
Thanks again for your amazing unselfish love and encouraging prayer that will lead to kingdom expansion.
I cannot recommend highly enough the fine folks at D3. Their ministry has blessed RA Consultants greatly and I cannot wait to see how it will impact other businesses in our beloved city on a hill (actually seven hills). You really need to check D3 out. It will bless you and your company abundantly.

John P Allen
President CEO
RA Consultants


5 Stars

“Love the Team at D3 and what they bring into local businesses. As a small business owner it was refreshing when Jason and Dave came into our shop and offered real insight and hope for how the hand of God was guiding our family and business.”

– Dustin Hepburn, Owner, Biggby Coffee