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D3 Cincinnati’s mission is to minister to leaders and teams in small to mid-sized businesses in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.  We want to help you, as a business leader, access God’s wisdom and direction and come along side you to bring the Kingdom into your company in a very unique way.  We believe that God has solutions to everyday business decisions, as well as difficult problems you may be facing.  We work with struggling companies as well as those that are thriving, and everything in between.

We typically start by praying with you, either individually or with other members of your staff or leadership team.  We will tailor the prayer time to your needs.  Our team is trained to listen along with you, to hear what God has to speak into the life of your company and its people.  Some people call this “listening prayer.”  The companies that we have worked with so far have all felt quite blessed by our prayer times.

After the initial prayer session and if you are interested, D3 will provide you with a simple assessment to determine best where we can offer help.  Based on the results of the assessment, D3 will provide you with a "plan of action" for your review.

What's the "catch"?  There is none!  We have a heart to see Kingdom Change in our city and surrounding area, and we believe actions speak louder than words.  We believe that we don't have to promote ourselves, because when the Spirit is on the move, good things happen and people take notice.  Good news travels quickly, and we are already seeing God do some really cool things in our city!

Sound interesting to you? Simply fill out the "Contact" form and we will give you a call!