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David Rankin

Dave Rankin
David Rankin

Dave has owned and operated his own business in the Cincinnati area for over 25 years.  He has enjoyed times of plenty, and he has endured times when he wondered if they would “pull through.”  Through it all, David’s heart has always been to see “His Kingdom Come” through the Marketplace.  Over the years David has learned how to not cross the fine line of overstepping his boundary as a business owner while sharing his faith and beliefs.  David believes that God is still speaking today and has a passion for sharing that belief with anyone that will listen!  He also believes that the “supernatural” should be a totally “natural” experience – that in the end changes lives because of the Source!

David has been married to his beautiful wife Juliann for 30 years!  David and Juliann have 2 grown children. 

Their Daughter Hannah is married to Jordan Abeyta.  Hannah and Jordan have 2 beautiful children Caedmon Danial (3 Year Old) and Bowden David (1 Year Old). 

Their Son David Jr is married to Tia.  David Jr and Tia are enjoying the "Pre baby" era of their marriage!